Editable psd logo template for photographer

Alan Logo Template

  • Photographer Logo
  • Single Sided 8×10 Logo Design
  • 300 dpi PSD file
  • Downloadable Font list
  • Modern Logo Design
  • Download more Photography Logos

Achieve a professional look for your business with this modern photography logo. The Alan Banfield Logo brings a clean and understated look to your business branding. Its an excellent fit for any studio, as well as a startup photographer looking for a branding transition to the modern look.

If this logo doesn’t seem like the right flavor of modern, check out the clean design Zoey Thomas Logo. Alternatively, if you’re seeking a look that includes a script font, see the Oliver Davies Logo, which maintains a modern feel, but keeps the design soft by incorporating the script.

Download easily to Photoshop and modify to fit your new branding.

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